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OxiBlast Flavonoids: Veggies (Cucumber & Bottle Gourd)

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100% Natural

Healthy and tasty

No Preservatives

Consume with any dish


  • Vegetable Oxiblast are good sources of phytonutrients (plant chemicals that have protective or disease preventive properties) such flavonoids, lignans and triterpenes, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits, according to World’s Healthiest Foods.
  • They contain fiber and beta-carotene. “
  • Beta carotene is an antioxidant that helps with immunity, skin, eye and the prevention of cancer,
  • Also provide small amounts of vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, manganese and vitamin A,
  • It also has antioxidative activity of methanolic (ME), ethanolic (EE) and butanolic extracts (BE) presence of secondary metabolites such as alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, steroids and saponins, etc. which possess antioxidant activity

How to consume Oxiblast : 1/4th teaspoon added to Milk, yogurt, curry, tea , smoothies etc

use 1/2 teaspoon at one time

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  1. Kavish jain

    If you are looking for an superfood I suggest you to go with oxiblast they have perfect nutrition content in their flavonoid.

  2. khushbuu

    It does work the way it’s suppose to, I was a bit worried about the quality however it turned out to be fantastic

  3. Mayank G.

    This product is best incorporated with the daily smoothies that i take. This also contains all the important nutrients that required.

  4. Sohel

    Great Taste 🤩

  5. Loveesh sewani

    A great product for the daily essential vitamins and nutrients as it has everything in it as mentioned.
    Using it for quite sometime and honestly it is worth a purchase.
    Thank you oxiblast and Amazon.

  6. Deeksha Gupta

    Easy to use. I was looking something to have in morning as I didn’t have time for breakfast and found this amazing product for myself. Easy to use. Healthy and good in taste.

  7. Asif

    I like the flavor

  8. Parmeshwar saini

    Good in taste, made of cucumber, and rich in multivitamins. Good for those who don’t like eating green vegetables.

  9. Nitin Kumar

    It is a very effective flavonoid. Overall the product it too good must buy.

  10. Nikunj

    I was looking for something for my evening snack lighter yet enough to energize me. My scroll brings me to this drink, Mixing it with milk and ready to go is awesome in taste. I can recommend this product to all my friends.

  11. Chirag

    I have been reading a lot about super foods and it’s benefits lately. I found many brands on this but was quite skeptical about purchasing any of the products. I have applied permutations and combinations a buyer places before purchasing anything and opted oxyblast’s products. And i am glad that i chose this, it works as mentioned. Great quality packaging.

  12. Shubham Singh

    I beleive this product is such a value for my money, amazing, thank you Oxiblast

  13. Shivani

    Citrus flavor is as said super tasty yet healthy. I was looking products which will be helpful for me to loose weight. This is perfect for me. ♥️😍

  14. Faraz Ahmad

    I was looking something for a product which is tasty yet healthy. I tried many products but this product is extremely healthy. Rich in antioxidants and taste like amazing. Found the product really cool…😎🤟

  15. asif

    I tried it for the first time, I really liked the taste and pakeging of the product.

  16. Anmol

    Good source of Vitamin “C” Good health and tasty as it’s natural and safe.

  17. Sachin jain

    If you are going to purchase multi purpose food nutrition go with oxiblast flavonoid that only not increase your immunity also glow your skin.

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