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The story of OxiBlast

It’s everyone’s dream to stay healthy without compromising on our taste buds. Food that tastes good aren’t necessary be healthy. Oxiblast is just the right choice for an individual who wants to eat healthy. Why compromise for lesserwhen better is available?

But the journey towards creating such an awesome product was not easy. Problems were faced by our founder, Diya Nath too. But she didn’t remain dwelling on it for too long. To help more people like her who were looking for feasible ways to become healthy, she decided to pull her socks up and started writing a book on her healthy smoothie recipes in 2018 which got published in 2020.

Her book “Healthy Habits for a Healthier You,” soon became the #1 International Best Seller across 16 categories.

But she did not settle with the thought that her book might remain as “just another recipe book,” even though it was a pretty great success. She decided to do something that easily enables people to switch to a healthier version of themselves. That’s when the idea of OxiBlast took birth!

...Her 2 years of research on flavonoids have proven to be effective healthy options to include in our diet. She wanted to contribute to the healthy lives of the people through something more concrete that could help people boost their immunity as well as be a healthier and more tastier option. That curiosity fueled by research made her realize that flavonoids from fruits and vegetables have amazing healing properties, and they can be added to her smoothie recipes too.

She decided to create a product out of fruits and vegetables with her grandma, Rekha Majumdar, who is an entrepreneur and innovator. To make her idea, a reality, she also took some guidance from her mother, Rachna Nath, who is a scientist and researcher herself. Her grandma played a vital role in sharing her experience and entrepreneurial resources at Assam, India.

That’s how OxiBlast came into the world! A result of the efforts put by the ladies of 3 generations to help young and old bring a healthy lifestyle in the time of a global pandemic.

Our mission at OxiBlast is set. We want to bring all the goodness and health to everyone, including kids, women, and the old. We want to see them enjoying their lives without worrying about becoming prone to diseases and viruses.

Oxiblast can be added to your smoothies, yogurt, soups, curries, or simply sprinkle on your fruit.

OxiBlast helps you with providing you the best antioxidant & anti-inflammatory options while keeping your heart healthy. It also helps you boost your immunity!

Meet the Team

Diya Nath

Diya Nath

Founder & CEO
Rachna Nath

Rachna Nath

Founder & Co-CEO
Rekha Majumdar

Rekha Majumdar

Director & Proprietor

Diya Nath

Diya Nath is one young lady who has been following her passion for a pretty long time. She was unhappy about not knowing how to manage certain aspects of her own health, so a dedicated period of lab research seemed the next protocol.

Diya Nath carried out her own lab research for two years, to demonstrate what nutrients can be procured from  certain fruits and vegetables.

Certain cooking methods can preserve higher nutrient value, and even more so when cooking happens with the entire fruits and vegetables.

Oxiblast product was created after 2 years of research. Oxiblast’s fundamental ingredients are derived from fruit and vegetable . Diya’s findings indicated that flavonoids can be extracted to create a top-up food source that is rich in flavonoids. Oxiblast can be added to your smoothies, yogurt, soups, curries, or simply sprinkle on your fruit.

Rachna Nath

Rachna Nath is an internationally and nationally recognized innovator who is also an entrepreneur, grant writer, STEM enthusiast, and a passionate educator. She has two masters, the first one in Entomology (Insect Science) from Cotton College, India, and the second one in Biology (Developmental Genetics) from Arizona State University working with Honey Bee Exocrine gland ontology.

Rachna has won many prestigious awards and grants from renowned personalities in her field of interest. And she has also earned massive recognition and respect with her dedicated work in science, innovation, and education.

She supports young entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true by working with community partners and helping patent their ideas. As a result, OxiBlast is a proud brainchild of Rachna along with her mother and daughter.

Rekha Majumder

She retired as sr Environmental Engineer from Pollution Control Board, Assam. While in service she visited different countries And gathered enough experiences on Environmental quality Monitoring and Management. She is also associated with different organisations related to social activities, she is also an active member of Women Engineers Forum of Assam. She did her Law. Degree during her service period. Now she is a member of Guwahati Bar Association. After retirement, she has started Handloom unit and engaged herself in producing Assamese Mekhela Sadar with pure Assam silk and toss. Her product becomes popular locally and abroad.

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